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Engineering in South Africa with precisionGears

Engineering in South Africa is our passion at Siyanda Engineering. Our expert team provide some of the very best engineering in South Africa. Our keen attention to detail and precision shines through in every project that we undertake. 

Engineering in South Africa is a highly technical field and should be left to professionals like Siyanda Engineering. At Siyanda Engineering we consider ourselves to be of the top service providers of engineering in South Africa. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services for engineering in South Africa and we are a well educated and experienced team of steel engineering professionals who take the time to learn more about mechanical engineering on an ongoing basis.

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We go the extra mile for our valued customers and we also offer the following value added service whereby we:

1. Develop technical and manufacturers drawings according to customer specs.
2. Develop moulding if required or manufacturing processes.
3. Manufacture the product.
4. Assemble the product.
5. Pack the product in customer branded packaging
6. Ship finished packed goods to sales office of customer as requested.

Siyanda Engineering bears the development cost and manufacturing cost and only supplies the final packed product to the customer at a certain product cost. Siyanda Engineering has the facilities to design and develop manufacturing machines or equipment in-house, which enables us to reduce cost effectively.

We currently offer this spectrum of services:

  • Welding and fabrication

Food Quality Welding including Pipe work - Siyanda Engineering has the skills and knowledge
Component manufacturing / Site installations - The specialised Siyanda Engineering weld
Specialised Welding - Coded Welding Hardfacings: Stellite, Tungsten C

  • Industrial Automation

The design, development and manufacturing of complex plant equipment and machinery

  • Mass component manufacturing
  • Machine shop services

Milling, cnc machine work and more

  • Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • High pressure valves
  • Design and development

Specialising in engineering reverse techniques.

Design and Development - Siyanda Engineering enjoys challenges
Product Development and design - Siyanda Engineering  has a capable Design team
Reverse Engineering - Spares and equipment are re-engineered and improved
Component Design - Manufacturing drawings combined with QUALITY CONTROL
Standard Product Development - Products are designed and developed for resale purchase
Draughting services - Companies utilise this service to keep the standard

What is a Mechanical Engineer and what can they do for you?

What is a Mechanical Engineer? We have the answers for you at Siyanda Engineering. We specialise in Mechanical Engineering, steel engineering, welding and more. We at Siyanda Engineering take our jobs as mechanical engineers very seriously and if you ever wonder “what is a mechanical engineer at Siyanda Engineering”? The answer is simple – we are a team of fully qualified and highly experienced experts who are fully up to speed in our area of expertise and know all about mechanical engineering techniques and new technologies available at all times. We carry out each and every job to perfection, be it steel engineering, engineering (reverse methods), milling, cnc machine work or welding. How to get in touch with us – easy, visit our fantastic website or call us today!